Astrology Classes and Lectures

Star Messages

The journey to the stars begins with the wonder of the night sky. Something draws our attention beyond the boundaries of Earth's atmosphere to the mystery of what lays beyond. Astrology has played a role in this mystery for as long as history can show. These workshops allow us to find a starting point to understanding how the stars, planets, and celestial objects relate to our lives and answer our questions about the bigger picture of our existence.

Each morning session begins with ASTROLOGY BASICS, and the afternoon session continues the discussion with more complex questions.

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Moon Messages

We explore how the Moon reflects our habits, emotions, unconscious responses, and rhythms. Each session includes discussion about the previous month experiences and activities, an in-depth study of the current month new moon symbolism, placement in the chart, and related understanding, and some thoughts around the potentials for the upcoming month. Sessions are about 2 hours long. Contact for more information or to RSVP.

Mon Jun 11, 2018       6:30 pm          Wed July 11, 2018       6:30 pm