On your Journey of Discovery, many resources are at hand. These are a few of my inspirations and links to some new hidden treasure troves:


Discover Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Institute (Dr Vasant Lad)

American Institute of Vedic Studies (Dr David Frawley)

Navigate by the Stars with Astrology

EAS (Edmonton Astrological Society)

SAAS (Southern Alberta Astrological Society)

SOTA (State of the Art Conference) - Donna Van Toen

Unite With Yoga

Y.A.R.D.(Yoga Alliance of Red Deer) Society

Y.A.A. (Yoga Association of Alberta)

SOYA (Southern Okanagan Yoga Academy)

Connect with Massage and Complementary Therapies

N.H.P.C, (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada)

Robert Rogers (Self Heal Distributing) - Herbal

Floracopeia (David and Sara Crow) - Aromatherapy, Herbal, Ayurveda

Pure Potent Wow (Jeff and Christine - Essential Nature Aromatherapy)

Explore Your Horizons with Fun, Fresh, and Fancy-Free

Air-ristocrat Hot Air Balloon Rides and Promotions - Gary the Balloon Guy

The Travel Agent Next Door - Margarita Montaner