Yoga and the Value of Time

Since the beginning of my studies in yoga, much has changed.... mostly within me. How I see the world, the people around me, and myself has evolved and matured. What I thought I knew as a new teacher has totally shifted to the point where I realize I know so very little - at least on the conscious level. My ego has been steadily deflated (for the most part with kindness). So at this stage in my life I'm beginning to see more clearly and respond to circumstances with increased boldness, curiosity, determination, and compassion.

Yoga has taught me to accept myself and all my faults as part of the multi-faceted individual that I am. I find myself making fewer excuses and owning my actions, for good or bad. In a strange way, it has given me more freedom and joy, although little has truly changed around me. Life still happens. Sometimes it even seems more difficult. And yet, I face it with ease.

Thinking back to where I was 20 years ago, I am so very grateful for the amazing teachers who came into my life and pressed me into service in the yoga community. I am so thankful for having the time in my training to integrate the lessons and explore the deeper facets before I brought them to the world in my own fashion. Not everyone "gets" yoga beyond the heat, the speed, the strength, the complicated poses... but I have been gifted with opportunities to go deep within my core in the most simple of postures.... and find myself. This is yoga.

Paula Carnegie Fehr